Groups, companies, birthday meals, weddings, cocktail parties, seminars...

1h boat cruise.

Embark at 09h45, departure 10h00, return 11h00 or embark at 17h45, departure 18h00, return 19h00. The boat goes up to the village of St-Suliac and returns slowly to the dam. Guided boat cruise by the Captain. Open bar.

1h30 boat cruise.

Embark at 15h45, departure 16h00, return 17h30. The boat goes up to the bridge Chateaubriand and returns slowly to the dam. Guided boat cruise by the Captain. Open bar.

3h boat cruise midday or evening.

Embark at 11h45, departure 12h00, return 15h00 or embark at 20h00 and return at 23h00. The boat goes up to Plouer, Mordreuc, Le Prat or La Hisse depending on the tide and return. You may bring your own picnic.

Combined Land-and-Sea.

Passengers embark for a cruise aboard the Chateaubriand and have lunch at the Bistrot-Quai of the ferry terminal facing the Rance.

Cocktail boat cruises.

Ideal for uniting and motivating your team, reuniting your clients... offer them an out of the ordinary moment in an extraordinary environment to help convey your messages and convictions. You will share a pleasant moment while discovering a varied natural site rich in cultural heritage. The boat is equipped with a beautiful room all in varnished wood and parquet on the main deck with a bar and terrace and a semi covered roof-top on the upper deck.


Custom-made ship.

Chartering of the boat, guided tour, sound system with microphone, technical assistance of a ship officer.
Cruise of 1h departing at 18h00, returning at 19h00. Price for 20 to 30 persons = 300€ from 31 to 50 persons = 500€ from 51 to 95 persons = 750€. Meetings and seminars: 
Presentation of products, meetings, debates, training... working room close to our boarding base...Tailored cruises. Birthdays, weddings, cocktails, seminars, brunches, corporate parties...The boat can accommodate up to 130 passengers for a cocktail party or cocktail reception with the possibility of chartering the entire ship: main deck, covered patio on the upper deck, terraces... 
EXTENSION time on the dock upon quotation.


Team Building.

Would you like to organize an event with your team, colleagues or friends? Our game aboard the Chateaubriand is a way to unite your team around a playful, fun and atypical activity.